A Little Piece of Magic

There is magic here.  It’s in the way the wind whispers in the trees, it’s in the gnarled trunks of the old woodland, it’s in the fallen trees and the tiny paths made by the creatures who live here.  You can’t see this magic but sometimes, if you listen really hard, it will speak to you.

Trees small_edited-1

My blog has been quiet recently mainly because I’ve been looking after my autistic daughter, who I’m going to call Hazel to respect her privacy.  Hazel is pretty special, she’ll be 21 soon and yet, in some ways, she will always be a child.  She’s full of fun and life.


One of our favourite walks is Cawdor wood a few miles from my home in Inverness.  The woodland is part of Cawdor castle grounds, home of Banquo, the legendary Thane of Cawdor, who MacBeth murders and whose ghost haunts the tortured Shakespearean hero.  The place has a tranquillity it’s hard to match and is perhaps unique in the Highlands in that it is an old deciduous woodland where long lived trees form great cathedral like archways.  Most of Scotland has been planted with serried ranks of characterless conifers and there are only pockets of the old forests remaining.


Sometimes, when the stresses of the world surround us, we come here and let the peace of these old trees heal us. I thought I’d share some photos of our special place.  I hope you enjoy them.



Find out more about the Castle Here http://www.cawdorcastle.com/