No salad in this blog!

Pie eating at its best, note the firm grip and wolf like determination.

This splendid photo was posted on the Scottish Hills forum in response to one of my posts about eating pies on the hills. This young girl clearly knows how to eat a pie.  Look at the savagery in those eyes that pie’s done for at no mistake.  Now I know that technically it may not be a pie and is actually a quiche.  Quiche is something eaten by southern softies and people who might actually be tempted to eat salad, which is, as my daughter always tells me – Yucky.

However, it’s a first attempt and she’s getting the hang of it, I’m sure she’ll be munching pork pies in no time.  Some people actually pointed out to me that they thought pork pies might even be unhealthy.  Of course they’re unhealthy, that’s the point!  I’m in the middle of a Cairngorm blizzard and about to die of frost bite, surely I’m allowed a pie.

Hat’s off to this young girl, well on the way to Scoffer of the Year!